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PVC Steel Ornamental Fencing

  • PVC Steel Ornamental Fencing
  • PVC Steel Ornamental Fencing
  • PVC Steel Ornamental Fencing
Item Code: Features:Like PVC windows, PVC fence become more popular these years for home owners, horse owners and anybody else who is looking for a low maintenance cost and long lasting fencing system.
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PVC Fence have following feathers:

1.Beautiful color with smooth surface;  

2.Painting and maintenance free;  better than garden fence

3.High strength and tenacity than garden fence;  

4.Easy and fast installation;  

5.Long using life than garden fence;  

6.Environment protection;  

7.Decrease hurt danger while collision.  


UPVC fence profiles section drawing PVC fence have following advantages :


Compare with garden fence, PVC fence not rot, warp, crack and otherwise disintegrate. Once it is set in concrete, you can expect it to stay in place and stay strong for many years time.


Another reason is fence posts made of PVC is the easy with which you can attach rails or garden fence to the posts.


Rail fences in particular are very simple to install because the fence posts have pre-formed holes that match the rails, so all what you need do is insert the rail into the fence.


For road fence, with steel reinforcement installed in posts, is strong than garden fence, you also can move it to anywhere need,if a rail ever falls out ( unlikely, but possible) all what you need to is pop it back into place, when collision,hurt risk will be less than normal fences.


The PVC fence for wall and garden have many different design choices when it comes to the top of the post. The caps of PVC fence have various shapes , from basic to ornate, depend on the style you want. PVC fence may cost more when first install than garden fence, but the advantate of maintenance free, fire proof,no color fad,easy to clean etc.

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